Our story
We are delighted to introduce Blue Ocean Shipping Service (BOSS) to you, as the "go to" company in Vietnam for all your shipping chandler needs. We offer 24 hour service throughout Vietnam. BOSS provides all stores including: Fruit/vegetables, Seafood and all meats, Canned and packaged goods, Bonded stores, and ANY other foodstuff required by the crews. Ship spare parts for repair and maintenance can be delivered and all private requests are catered for as well! With more than 15 years of experience in this business, you can be assured that all stores will be delivered on time, fresh, and of high quality. We are delighted for this opportunity to introduce our company to you. We hope you choose BOSS as your better and more efficient Chandler service in the future.


Ship supply
Blue Ocean Shipping Service has over 16 years experience as a ship chandler. We understand that long journeys at sea need provisions that fit for the health and well-being of all crews. After such a long time as a ship chandler, Blue Ocean Shipping Service genuinely care about the welfare of the crews with every provision. You can trust that quality, service and value will remain at the high standard we are well known for.

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